Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wall Graphics display idea for Retailers

Hangtabs! Available from, or from us (wgHangtab - $1 for 20). They come in sheets of 20 and adhere to the top of the Wall Graphics bag. They can be hung on rods in a gridwall display, on hooks stuck to the wall, or on a clipstrip (shown here).

Art Card chains for display

A great way to display the Art Cards is to punch some holes in them and use flash card rings to make a chain.

A hangtab on the box will allow you to add the box at the bottom to clearly display what's available in each set.

Alternate black and white to add visual interest. Line all 6 sets up together to create a curtain effect. Or just do them individually to fill those extra spaces at the ends of cabinets. Here we've used 1 inch flash card rings from Staples.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Very exciting - Wee Gallery is part of the November Anthropologie catalog. We LOVE the photography.

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