Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Papercuts

One of my favorite people in the blogging world is Elsita. She is such an amazing artist and person, and is so inspiring, emotionally and artistically. This latest series of papercuts I've done are inspired by her. My papercuts are little rememberances of growing up in India. I will describe each of them.

As kids in India, we often went to see temple elephants to get a blessing - the elephant would lift up his trunk and put it on our heads to bless us. I remember this wonderful feeling, and when I took my kids back to India last year we watched the same amazement on their faces while getting an elephant blessing.

Elephant is cut out of black paper, child is drawn on white and temple is cut out of white and pasted on white.

There are not many lions left in India. This one has gotten so close to the city because his habitat has been destroyed and he's looking puzzled as to what's coming next...

The peacock is the national bird of India. These birds were always portrayed in folk tales to be proud and vain and not very smart! Mine likes to admire himself in the mirror.

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Elsita (Elsa Mora) said...

Dear Surya,
I love your papercuts!!
The explanations are so great, each one is wonderful.
What an honor to know that somehow my work inspired you, thank you sooo much!
I loved how you incorporated drawing and collage to the pieces!
I wish you all the best in 2009!
And please make many new beautiful papercut pieces!
Elsita :)

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