Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Give me Third World

I brought one of these back from my last trip to India. I remember a lot of our school textbooks having illustrations like these.

My favourite is the 'Cleaning the Room' one with the father relaxing, reading the paper while the children dutifully dust the furniture. I think we need to move to India.


Lucky said...

hi! found you via design sponge today - love the pillows! and i LOVE the old indian scholastic/ govt. illustrations. i'm from india too and i wish i had picked up some of these on my last visit!

lovin your blog - will def. be back!!

lynne said...

that is hilarious!!

yes, i totally agree. i need to move to a world where i can quietly read while my children clean.

hee hee :)

eM said...

lol! That's so funny! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

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