Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soft Book Variation

I am working on a new prototype for the soft book, and to add interest, I sewed some embroidered tags with the name of the animal on them. These attach with a small velcro tab to the page of the book. More fun or too busy?


La Chili said...

I like them but I would like to see the two different versions.

Wee Gallery said...

Here's a link to the soft book without tabs.

Mamaslittles said...

The non-busy version i.e. without the tabs, is definitely more your style.

avdh said...

Truly, wee ones do not read, and letter recognition is a skill far beyond their development. So... if you want that extra bit, how about tiny repeats of the larger image in white on black, as you have the letters? Or perhaps a small image of the creature's home or habitat - a tree, a branch, a rock, etc? (I work with children birth-5 and have done so for almost 30 years!) Best, Andrea

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