Monday, October 12, 2009

Giveaway Tuesday

To celebrate the new iron-ons in the shop, I am giving away a test onesie (3-6 months) with a reverse applique of the Octopus embroidery. Leave a comment!


Gio said...

Iron ons are classic! They don't seem to go out of date! You guys did a great job proving that!

Giovanna & baby Anika "(~.^)"

Two Become Three said...

We have a baby who would LOVE to advertise in a onesie. Can't wait to see the iron ons!

Wee Gallery said...

Since I have two I can send each of you one - please send your addresses!

laraj said...

These are so precious! I'd love to see all of your other designs available on onesies and toddler shirts, too!

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