Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soft Books in Ikat

Couple of Ikat surplus samples of our soft book are now listed in the shop. Sold out, thanks for visiting!


Design Hub said...

Soooo very talented YOU! Love the new soft books!!!!!I'd love to spread the word & feature your new items on the Design Hub blog.

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

Can the soft books be purchased anywhere else? I had seen your post about them coming a while ago, but I had not seen them in your Etsy shop. Just wondering if they are only sold through other merchants.

Wee Gallery said...

Hi Lindsay,
The books are available at a small number of US retailers in NY and Chicago at the moment. They will also be available online in another 2 months or so. Hope that helps!

Sheau said...

very cool! glad that more will be coming. : )

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