Saturday, June 5, 2010


This doll has been on my to-do list for ages. She has a set of bindis in her pocket which can be switched out to match her outfit. The fabrics I used are scraps from material I bought from my favourite Indian store called Anokhi which makes in my opinion one of the most beautiful block printed fabrics in the world. 'Anokhi' means 'unique' so that is the name of my doll too.


Teri said...

oh surya! i love this doll so much!!! its beautiful!

Wee Gallery said...

Thank you Teri!

Susan said...

oh the doll is just darling! I just started working on a black apple doll today for my daughter's 'half birthday' present. i love anokhi too...have you been to fab india? I love their textiles as well!


Kanika Bahl said...

love the is just so cute! and i agree about anokhi being the best :)

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