Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 This is what my daughter chose to wear for school a couple of days ago. I love our school, that she was able to do that and was embraced for it! Her spirit is apparent in this outfit, which makes me a bit afraid for the days to come. She was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with scoliosis (hence my absence from the blog), and she will have to wear a brace till she stops growing - i.e. age 14. That's another 10 years. She gets fitted for the brace on Friday and it will be ready in a week. She has no idea, and her only concern is whether it will be pink. I am trying to stay optimistic and hope by some miracle that she has no problem with the brace. But I am so sad. That this next week might be the end of her freedom...or at least how we have known it to be so far. Any alternative therapy suggestions from you are welcomed.


Teri said...

this is a sweet picture and i love seeing what our kids come up with all on their own!

oh surya... i can't even begin to understand all the concerns and emotions you may have over the brace she will have to wear. i am so sorry, surya! HUGS !!!
i wonder if braces are made to be more comfortable and discrete (but mostly comfortable!)now then what they used to be?

Wee Gallery said...

Thanks Teri, and thank you also to all who sent emails. We are doing great for the moment and taking things as they come. To look on the bright side, she only has to wear the brace at night, and not during the day. Thank goodness!

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