Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I found a Wee bird!

There are hundreds of these little mobiles all over the shops in India, but this particular one reminded me of our Wee Gallery bird, so I had to get it! Isn't it cute!?


Poorvi said...

Miss my lovely country so much. It has so many political/general issues when one compares it to the US. But the down to earth craftspeople, their amazing skill, their humilty, the chaos around which is somehow such an inherent part of the country and crucial in its running,..oh..I miss the all of it!
Enjoy home!

Wee Gallery said...

Poorvi, I know how you feel! Being here, nothing is predictable, lots frustrating, but I love it, it's fun, familiar, home. We need it. I saw this mobile in a big bookstore, and wanted to get 5 sets as gifts for my kids' friends, but of course they said, 'sorry madam, only one!' I am enjoying it for sure!

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