Monday, September 26, 2011

Separated at Birth?

When I discovered the Kay Bojesen monkey online about 4-5 yrs ago, it struck me as strangely familiar. Growing up in India, we played with a very similar monkey. When I went back to India this summer, I found many of these wooden monkeys in the handicraft stores, made in Channapatna, South India, an area well known for its laquer wood toys. I wondered how this monkey that was designed 50 years ago in Denmark, made it's way into the repertoire of the Channapatna toy maker? Google offered no explanation, so it was left to my imagination. A Danish tourist left their toy monkey behind, and the craftsman picked it up and replicated it? Or was it more deliberate? We will never quite know, I guess. Any information from you is welcome!

 Image from here:

Image by me.


Swati said...

Are you sure it is not the other way round?

Wee Gallery said...

Oooh, that could very well be the case!

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