Friday, March 15, 2013

Collaborative Art Project for Fundraiser

This year I volunteered to come up with an art project for my daughter's Second Grade class that will be bid on at our school annual fundraiser auction. Each of the kids carefully and meticulously made a flower of felt circles (squeezing in a lesson in geometry :)) starting with the littlest circle and ending with the biggest. They loved working with the Fabric Scissors, and their favorite part was choosing the Next Color. Each flower ended up being special and beautiful. I then sewed their names on a leaf, and attached it to their flower. Then I sewed 18 flowers onto a lovely cream velvet pillow cover from Ikea to make a soft and cosy garden of little flowers. I think it turned out beautiful!!

Laying it out.


All done!


yerina said...

this is wonderful <3

Wee Gallery said...

Thank you!

Angel said...

Thanks for sharing this great idea for Auction project. We are thinking about doing something like this at our school since we saw your post. What size was your pillow? Where did you find a pillow cover in that pretty cream color? Or did you make it?

Angel @

Stephanie Mass said...

I love love love this idea. I am an art teacher and we are making this for our art auction piece. Thank you for this great idea.

Unknown said...

This is too cute! Thanks for sharing! What size is the pillow?

Surya Sajnani said...

Hi there, the pillow size is 26x26"
Here is a comparable one on the Ikea site:
Thank you!!

Mrs. Jones said...

I love this project! Did you have the children stitch their own names? What grade were the children in?

Huske Pup said...

This is so, so lovely. Did you use a machine to secure the flowers to the pillowcase, or do that by hand?

Surya Sajnani said...

Thank you for your comments! Mrs Jones - I sewed the kids names, they were in second grade. Huske Pup, I used a machine, but probably should have hand stitched for a neater finish :)

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