Friday, January 22, 2010

The Star Catcher Machine

The biggest hit at my 5yr old's birthday party was THE STAR CATCHER MACHINE! We painted a huge box gold and decorated it. When the kiddies put a gold coin into it, a shooting star shot out! The motor: Her 7yr old brother, who had to be refueled periodically with chicken nuggets! The kids thought it was real magic, it was adorable. I made the stars out of sparkly white felt filled with lentils to weight the star down. The tail was made of sparkly fabric from Joann. They worked really well and the kids loved their stars.


Anonymous said...


Lia said...

HUAHAHAHAHHAA this is too funny!!! you should've took picture of the brother!! I would so love to see it haahhahahahahahaa what a sweet brother :)

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