Monday, March 15, 2010

Second Language

My daughter was watching Ni-hao Kai Lan, an episode in which Kai Lan teaches them how to write a Chinese character. After the show had finished, Anya brought out her Hindi worksheets and started to write. It was interesting for me, because my first language is actually English even though I grew up in India. I can read and write Hindi because we learned it in school, but am not a fluent speaker. I brought some of these worksheets back with me just to familiarize the kids with the alphabet, but don't really push it too much. Anya associated Kai Lan's Chinese with her Hindi, and felt the need to write. She had no hesitation writing in a different script at all. Kids are so amazing!


Stephanie said...

I agree with you, kids are so amazing! Especially when it comes to languages, it always surprises me how quickly they can learn a new one. Oh to learn the way they do again!

La Chili said...

Yes, they are.

Tampa Muslim Mom said...

That's really smart idea introducing handwritting sheet in hindi. Is there anything else you do in prompting a second language at home?

alpana said...

love this! Where does one find the hindi worksheets?

Surya said...

@Tampa Muslim Mom: I do have some comics and stories, and a Hindi alphabet poster.
@ Alpana: I got them from Bangalore when we visited last summer.

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