Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wee Gallery Vintage

Many of you know my love for vintage, and have inquired about my finds. I'm planning to add a vintage section to the Wee Gallery Etsy Shop to share my finds. I'd love to know if you will be interested, and if so, any specific items for kids like toys, books, decor, clothes, supplies? Leave a comment on this post and I will draw one person to receive a vintage prize.


Two Become Three said...

Yay for vintage!!! Vintage toys and children's books are my favorite!!!! I LOVE the wooden whale pictured in the post!!!

Room to Think said...

Hi, Just found your blog, love the designs and am eager to try out a couple of projects myself like the pillowcase skirt. I don't have any kids yet but a close friend's daughter would look great in one of those and the little cutie loves handbags even though she's just under 2! You've got gorgeous children yourself.

Very keen to know how you got into designing/illustrating etc or just a little more about your background in general. Are you in the States? I'm originally from Singapore but live in Australia. Reason I'm asking is I recently resigned from a 5-year admin job and really want to try my hand at something more creative but I have no idea where and how to start and can't afford to take up another degree.

Anyway, I understand you're busy and perhaps this is too personal so don't feel obligated to respond.

All the best!

Kanika Bahl said...

Its a super idea!
I'd really be interested in wooden toys and vintage decor items..:)

laraj said...

Love the idea! All of the vintage toys you posted here are fabulous, and I would love to see some vintage trains (my son LOVES trains) I also have a friend who has her daughter's nursery all in butterflies so if you found anything with butterflies I know she would love to add it to her collection.

Room to Think said...

oh i'm so sorry, i just realised i posted my comment in the wrong place. whoopsy. yes, vintage toys are cool!

GourMama said...

Love the vintage whale. I wish I had your eye for creativeness:)

F A W said...

vintage dresses or nightgowns!!!

Kanika Bahl said...

yay!!!! yay!!! yay!!! i can't belive you picked me...!!
super duper thanks!!!

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