Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny Hunt

I created this activity for my daughter who loves Easter Hunts. I have outlined the steps below:

 1. I cut out a little bunny face from an old foam sticker that I had lying around.

 2. I pasted it on the side of an existing stamp block I had from another set.You can paste it on anything - a wooden block, a wine cork, etc.

3. Then I stamped the bunny onto all the pages of an old Magic Cabin toy catalog (any old catalog can be used, a busy one is preferable).

4. My daughter had to find the bunny among the toys on that page. She loved it! And proceeded to create Bunny Hunts for her brother using other catalogs.


Romilla said...

How creative! Nice way to keep children busy - a lovely Easter party idea!

Poorvi said...

Very neat. What a sweet idea! :)

Wee Gallery said...

Thank you!

GB said...

Love this idea, your own version of "I spy" (I love those books!)

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