Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day!

As our spring garden starts to take off, I am skeptical. When we moved to Florida the first thing we did was to plant a vegetable garden. We planted tomatoes (which grew effortlessly in our house in California), peppers and broccoli. Everything grew amazingly well, but as soon as the fruit or vegetable popped out, it would immediately be taken by birds, bugs, or squirrels! We didn't get a thing! Seven years later, and a few tricks under my belt (like growing marigolds to keep away bugs, planting seasonal vegetables, and watering the garden with only one shoe on(!!)) I am trying again. I will let you know how we fare.


La Chili said...


GB said...

one shoe on?

Wee Gallery said...

:) GB - my daughter has the habit of walking around with only one shoe (or sock), so that comment was a little joke. But hey, the plants are growing well, so maybe it really works!

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