Monday, April 11, 2011


I have a recipe book that my mother gave me when I moved away from home. She has hand written all my favorite recipes. Whenever I open that book, I am taken back to my days as a child, and the feeling is so nostalgic and special. I remember my aunt's postcards that used to arrive promptly on every birthday and holiday, and her handwriting was backwards!

Today, I see that kids hardly get to interact with handwritten forms. In school, all projects are done on Microsoft Word, and Power Point. And it doesn't stop at school. My cousin was making a Baby Book for her baby, but I noticed that she had printed out sentences on her printer and pasted them in the book because she said her handwriting was too messy! I tried to convince her to put her own handwriting into the book, and that it didn't matter about how neat or legible it was, because the feeling her child would get from reading her mother's handwriting would not be the same as reading those same sentences in Times New Roman.

So what do you think? A handwritten alphabet, that instead of being legible, encourages appreciating the forms?


La Chili said...

It looks pretty!

Terry said...

I am a very strong believer in personal handwriting. I treasure the notes that I have in my mom's own writing (she passed away 20 years ago). I fear that our society is losing an important part of history and love from our ancestors. Handwriting is so personal.

Nina said...

I love this!!! Beautiful.


Wee Gallery said...

Thank you!

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