Friday, April 1, 2011

The Elephant and Owl are flattered!

Imitation is common in the design world, but somehow one is never prepared for it. The shock at seeing someone else openly proclaiming your work as her 'original' designs leaves you speechless. Earlier this week my sister called to let me know someone in Bangalore was selling products with copies of my animals on them. I went to her Facebook page, and saw them displayed - slightly modified versions of the Owl and Elephant printed in black on bright silk cushions. Then I found a video interview which she did for the local press, and that was the icing on the cake.

All our Wee Gallery designs are protected by worldwide copyright, and the law clearly says that if you don't defend your copyright, it is rendered meaningless. Therefore Aditi Banerjea is being served a Legal Cease and Desist letter from our lawyer, fined, and been asked to remove her products using the fake Owl and Elephant from stores.

While she will not get away with this, it is frustrating is that she probably didn't think twice, and just did it on a whim. Wee Gallery is our livelihood and we support our family on it. When one's family and means of living are compromised, one is forced to get agressive to defend it.

The video is here in case you are interested.

Another request - all Bangaloreans reading this are requested to keep an eye out for the fake Owl and Elephant, and if you see them in a store, please report them to the store staff. Thank you!


Honey said...

Oh...I'm sorry! At first I thought a momma had made pillows for her house and sent you the picture....

It's horrible that people take others works and steal them. I'm a visual person and always envision all these craft people who steal earn a special reincarnation package.

They come back as pincushions and are poked repeatidly. Apparently her pinchusion will be made of bright silk.

Again...sorry I hope it doesn't stop you sharing your lovelies with the world.


GB said...

This is terrible Surya, and I'm glad that you stood up for yourself! Hope she now does the right thing and retracts her cushions.

It's good that we live in the internet age; crimes like these may have slipped past unnoticed if it weren't for the internet.

La Chili said...

This is just terrible, I'm very sorry.

Wee Gallery said...

@Honey - Thanks for the smile and words of encouragement! It has taken me a week to be able to post this, but now I feel calm with how we decided to handle it.

GB - You are right, I couldn't have done it without the internet, and the help of my watchful friends and family.

La Chili - Thank you for always being there to show your support. I truly appreciate it.

Elaine said...

Sorry this happened to you. I hope everything resolves quickly. You are very talented and I can understand how much it must hurt to see your hard work stolen.

Lil Muse Lily said...

Good for you to go forward and fight for your rights.
They always say that copying is a form of flattery but I always feel robbed.

Wee Gallery said...

Thanks everyone, for your kind comments and support. I truly appreciate it.

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